Thursday, 9 February 2012

Ten amazing almost-free dates

The economy may be in the gutter tired of hearing that yet? But you dont have to stay at home and stare at each other or worse, at the television. Grab your guy and try these fun, inexpensive activities.

1. Pull a recipe from magazines or from a foodie sites and make your own version of a five star meal together.

2. Have him over for game night. Uno, Mad Gab and Twister can all be played with just two people.

3. Buy all the fixings for tacos and make your own at home. You need only a handful of ingredients; tomato, avocado, meat, cheese and shells. Download Latin songs onto your ipod to set the feative mood.

4. Watch open-air acoustic gigs. Go after having dinner at home and just spend for the drinks.

5. Have dinner at a bar during happy hour. There are usually drink specials, and might even score free appetizers (or at least a gratis bowl of mixed nuts). Plus, cozying up on bar stools can feel more intimate than sitting across each other at a table.

6. Go culture-vulturing  and hit Manila's art galleries, museums, and century-old churches. Walk along the historical streets of Intramuros or Escolta and enjoy the view of the Pasig River. Take a sidetrip to bargain haven Divisoria and scout for cheap finds.

7. Teach each other to play your favorite video games, then place a sexy wager (whoever wins gets treated to a full-body massage that night for example) before going head-to-head.

8. Belt out some tunes at super-sulit karaoke bars or take advantage of their promos.

9. Go biking and rollerskating at the local parks.

10. Plan a date in reverse. Meet for brunch, hit an afternoon movie then go for discounted happy-hour drinks. Finally, make your way back home and spend the night in together.

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