Saturday, 11 February 2012

How to get sultry eyes

This sexy, smoky look never goes out of style. Make it your own with a new color-- brown's a fresh twist on basic black.

this one looks good as well.
and this one.

I have created my own version of it and it looks like this.

How to get this look.

1. Dip the tip of a dampened make up brush into the darkest shadow, (I used brown-black shadows) and draw a line across your upper and lower lash lines.

2. Before the shadow dries, look up and blink-- this marks a line on the skin along your creases, which you'll want to fill up with your contouring shadow (medium shade)

3. Rub the softest color in your palette (I used gold eye shadow) above the crease and in the middle and up to the brow bones to highlight.

4. Sweep the light, pearly shadow (I used pearly white eye shadow) around the corners of your eyes to make them seem larger. (You can even dust a little under your lower lashes to offset dark circles.)

5. Trace on one last layer of the liner (the brown black eye shadow) and smudge it with fingers or with cotton swab for a blurred effect. Put liquid eye liner and mascara for the final step. 

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